Monday, July 19, 2010

brightspot market with my beastie :)

hi all..
i went to jakarta on July 10th, met my old best friend, Yuli..i used to be close with her when i was in junior high school. Annnndddd... we haven't met more than 5 years! and happily, we still as same as we used to be. I'm one of the people who really adore friendship, i still remember who my best friends was when i was little, even sometimes they were change but still, i can feel the closeness.. Maybe weird, but that's true..hehe.

life always change but friendship last forever..

eniwei, we went to bright spot market at Plaza Indonesia...and Wow.... i LOVE LOVE LOVE bright spot market.. i love the ambiance, i love the fashion, i love the people, i love the booth..everything was just perfect. And i wish i was a million dollar baby..hahahhaha..but, i got my 1st nikicio (ssstttt... Nina Nikicio is my favourite Indonesian designer)..yipppyyyy...

sorry for the very late post pals...:)

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